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Motorway projects provide the shop window for our company. We have built, and we are building, extensive new motorways nationwide in Slovakia. We are also entrusted with the maintenance of the northern branch of the Banská Bystrica ring road. However, we do more than roads. We are also specialists in building bridges, noise barriers, grade-separated junctions and utilities networks. Our motorway projects have even been recognised in the Construction of the Year competition.

Our projects

Road construction and maintenance 

We build and modernise roads of all classifications. We replace asphalt surfaces, crash barriers and culverts. We also install traffic signs.

Our projects

Bridges and footbridges 

When it comes to the erecting of motorway bridges, urban bridges and bridges for pedestrians and cyclists, we have accumulated extensive knowledge. By utilising latest technologies, we ensure quality and safety without compromise.

Our projects

Tram lines

A well-functioning system of public transport, which is efficient, safe and comfortable, is an essential component of any urban environment. And public transport infrastructure is another area in which our company boasts vast expertise. We build and repair tram tracks in the largest Slovak cities, while we also construct tram bridges, build tram stop shelters and islands and install signalling systems.

Our projects

Urban projects

We help to improve the mobility and comfort of inhabitants in many Slovak cities. In addition to roads, sidewalks and intersections, we also build squares, cycle paths and public transport stops, including barrier-free platforms, and we install information systems. Our urban projects include landscaping and the installation of lighting, water mains systems and CCTV systems.

Our projects

Other activities

Composting plants, sewage systems, reconstruction of a woodland railway, stabilisation of slopes at Vychylovka open-air museum.

Our projects

Summer and winter road maintenance

We not only build roads and motorways, we also provide long-term maintenance. This applies in particular to the R1 dual carriageway forming the northern branch of the Banská Bystrica ring road. Road maintenance includes, for example, the continuous monitoring of traffic, the cleaning of drainage systems and the removal of any obstacles from the road. Wintertime maintenance consists mainly of gritting, preventing the formation of ice and the removal of snow.

Materials base resource

We have at our disposal an extensive network of asphalt plants. Our own materials base resource makes our company the biggest producer of aggregate used in infrastructure projects in Slovakia.